Business Transactions

Business Transactions

Starting a business means far more than opening your doors and hanging a sign that says “open for business”. You need to ensure you have the proper legal documents in place to protect you in the long-term. These documents include your corporate governance documents and contracts necessary to protect your business.

Legal Business Structure Protects Personal Assets

When you are just getting started, we can help you with a variety of issues including determining the right legal structure, which is necessary for protecting your personal assets. While many businesses think they are gaining tax benefits from using a simple business structure, one lawsuit can wipe out a lifetime of work.

Making Sound Decisions When Starting Out

At Pease & Associates Law Firm our first goal will be to make sure you understand the various business structures that can protect your business. Making the decision to form a limited liability company, partnership, or launching a joint venture all require you to understand the risks involved. We take the time to make sure you know what the advantages and disadvantages are within each business structure. We have assisted new business owners with a variety of matters including:

  • Formation of a Limited Liability Company
  • Limited Partnerships
  • Joint Ventures
  • Drafting and Negotiating Commercial Contracts

Contact Pease Law Firm and let us help you get your business off the ground on a solid legal footing. We have helped businesses of all sizes with both business formation and their ongoing contractual needs as their business grows.