Effect of Divorce on Taxes

Divorce or dissolution of marriage affects several tax issues. To understand the full impact of divorce on your taxes, you should consult with your tax advisor for advice on your financial situation. In general, divorce may affect the following areas:

What is an indictment?

By: Free Advice Staff An indictment is a formal accusation against an individual suspected of committing a crime. Indictments are generally only obtained for felony charges. An indictment is used as an alternative to a complaint in a trial court. A complaint is also an accusation against an individual, but the individual generally must have […]

What is the difference between a civil offense and a crime?

by FreeAdvice staff The difference between a civil offense and a criminal offense are usually defined by the nature of the offense and the punishment assessed. Civil offenses involve violations of administrative matters. The Federal Trade Commission frequently imposes civil fines on companies that violate consumer statutes. For example, if an organization carelessly reports incorrect […]

What happens if you get a DUI?

by FreeAdvice staff Getting stopped for drunk driving (commonly referred to as “DWI” – driving while intoxicated or “DUI” – driving under the influence) is a serious offense and can have different consequences depending upon where you live. All 50 states have “per se” laws defining it a crime to drive with a blood alcohol […]



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